We offer a unique combination of skilled specialists and cutting edge software for academic conferences and organizations. For over 15 years, the world’s leading organizations have relied on us to manage their data and technology needs.


It's the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen.

— John Wooden

Welcome to PeerStone, the premier provider of academic conference & association management services. We are a multidisciplinary team of highly skilled specialists with backgrounds in event and association management, marketing, software development, graphic design, and customer service.
Over the last 15 years, we have learned that academic conferences and associations are far too complex and have too many moving parts for any software-only solution to handle well -- there will always be that special case, those one-off requirements, the one custom data analysis report, etc., that the software isn’t programmed to handle.
For that reason, all our solutions are offered as full-service offerings:

  • We start with the most capable, cutting-edge software of any provider in the industry.
  • We then add in extensive customizations to meet each client’s unique needs.
  • Finally, we add in a team of specialists to handle what the software cannot – things like customer support, event marketing, graphic design, custom reports, manuscript and review quality checks, and so much more.

Every member of our team has obsessive attention-to-detail. Our clients tell us that this creates tremendous value for their organizations and conferences. After all, the difference between a mediocre conference and a stellar conference is often the hundreds of almost imperceptible details that relentlessly nudge quality upwards.

This is what we do.

Conference Management
  • Conference Marketing and Announcements
  • Manuscript Submission & Peer Review Management
  • Registration & Payment Processing
  • Program Scheduling
  • Proceedings Development and Production
  • Program Booklet Development and Printing
  • Name Tags and Onsite Check-In
  • Conference Mobile Apps

Association Management
  • Membership Management
  • Newsletters and Announcements
  • Registration & Payment Processing
  • Website Management
  • Election Management
  • Survey Management
  • Online Career Center

Calm Control®

Late reviews. Sold out hotel.
Missing track chair. Panelist withdraws.
Stay Calm. It's under Control.

As anyone who has organized conferences will tell you, chaos is par for the course. Materials come in late, key volunteers have personal emergencies, keynoters drop out, packages are lost or delayed in transit, presenters withdraw, the internet at the venue fails, and on and on and on… We even had a hurricane make landfall close to one conference venue!
When things go wrong, we are ready to jump in and respond quickly and calmly to give you back control.
Here is how we bring Calm Control® to conferences:

  • Workflow and software systems with redundancy built-in to minimize failure points.
  • Pre-prepared, rehearsed contingency plans for the vast majority of issues that conferences encounter.
  • Defensive task design and execution – for each thing we do, we ask “How could this go wrong and where can failures happen? How can we guard against, detect, and recover from these failures?”
  • An organization that is purpose-built to expect and effectively respond to the unexpected, while remaining innovative and flexible – we have taken best practices from High Reliability Organization Theory and customized them to the needs of an academic conference.